Takeaway from Day 1 of Chennai Workshop

At the end of the March 19 session we asked the participants to think about one idea they heard that excited them.  Here are some of the ideas they found most exciting:

  • “I want to involve many others, not just those in newsroom, on planning a major package. I want to get other perspectives in brainstorming and planning.”
  • “I want to use digital media tools – graphics and timelines.”
  • “I want to use games and open data. I want to pursue trends in interactive media, especially with games.”
  • “The idea of planning is attractive. Everything we spoke today comes with planning, especially with larger packages.”
  • “I was excited by the concept of using games to draw traffic to your website. Use games as pedagogical tool. That really excites me.”
  • “I teach at a university. We are experimenting with new media tools. I am interested in interactive graphics, games, other tools.”
  • “Vine is really appealing. I want to use short videos for storytelling.”

We’ll do this for all of the workshops.

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