One Participant’s Reflections on Chennai Workshop


One of the workshop participants in Chennai was a blogger, who identifies himself this way:

My name is Rajesh K and I live in Chennai, South India. This is my personal blog and I write on many topics I am passionate about.

He shared some of his thoughts about his Poynter India workshop experiences, including the final motivator to attend the workshop — dessert.

The seminar hall was filled with reporters, editors, journalism teachers, journalism students, Poynter staff & associates (from US) and . . . me (blogger). I was a surprised why other professional bloggers did not come (maybe they were not aware), but, I feel, learning (some of) the methodologies followed by journalists will help us communicate better/more effectively, in our blogs.

Many new tools for digital publishing were introduced in this workshop, that I was not aware of. They spoke about ethics in publishing, problems faced by journalists in India/US, how to teach journalism more effectively for students, how a traditional print media can expand into the digital space, how to use social media, basics of story-telling, etc. (They showed the trailer of Titanic movie. Boy, wasn’t that interesting, even today, after having watched the movie so many times! They could have showed the movie also – I will suggest it when the post-seminar survey comes :P ).



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