Let the Travel Games Begin

The Poynter Institute’s faculty team is starting their journey to India and a series of workshops in Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore.  The syllabus has been finalized and the presentation material gathered, edited and is ready for sharing.  Sort of.  There is one presentation still under development – mine.  I’ve been trying to understand how to kickoff this important workshop.  There is much to learn as well as teach.  It makes me pause and reflect on how to best share U.S. journalism and media industry experiences.

One of the missions of this workshop is to learn about the challenges facing journalists in India.  While we know the print industry is very successful today, will it be that way five years from now? Ten years?

It was gratifying to read all of the applications to the workshop and see so many references to Poynter and Poynter NewsU [our e-learning site]. It makes me feel like we’ll be with lots of friends we are going to meet for the first time.

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