Final Reflections from Our Final Stop

Final reflections from the journalists, educators and students who attended the final Bangalore session – the Poynter team’s last teaching day in India. Final note taking by Tom Huang.  (Thank you, Tom.)

  • We must be constant learners, especially with tech and journalism changing so much.
  • Thinking about storytelling was very touching. We need to find focus in our stories and our entire lives.
  • I will need Poynter’s guidance as I build my website.
  • I have learned as a teacher. Our sessions are usually talk, talk, talk, and we go past the schedule. You are very disciplined with your sessions. Howard Finberg: Is the applause because we are ending five minutes early?
  • I met and made friends with other journalists. I learned about the importance of un-learning. In many newsrooms, they have a traditional mindset. But you must take all the notions you have and put them away. That is the first step.
  • I like something Jeff Couch said: Digital and print are not journalism, they are platforms. We are and always will be journalists first.
  • Digital journalism, that was something I really learned. So many bullet points that Casey Frechette has given us. Now I need to learn a bit more.
  • I learned a lot about digital technology, and Casey Frechette gave me a lot of ideas on my website design.
  • I learned a lot about teaching and interacting with people. Here we had seven people staying and spending time with us, rather than rushing out after the session.
  • The workshop recreated the meaning of independence. I’ve worked by myself, with corporations. This reinforced the fact that you have nothing if you compromise your independence as a journalist.
  • We are from the university. We met journalists of all different ages, wanting the same thing. We shared the same passion. We got a reassurance that we are doing the right thing, going into journalism.
  • Vidisha Priyanka taught us about telling stories in a multimedia way with text, images, video and graphics.
  • I’m doing graduate research. I may need to change my research design. I liked how when you had two speakers, they worked well with each other.
  • I don’t come from a journalism background and I was skeptical about how the workshop might go. I was worried that I’d be left behind. But I realized that everyone here has something to teach and learn – we all learned from one another, including the participants.
  • What Zella Bracy said about paying attention to the predictors – that was important to me.
  • It was interesting to see variety of experiences – facing the pressure of owners or outside influences. I said yesterday that the level of experience in the room is so vastly different, from students to people who are hardcore news reporters. How can you make this work with wide variety of people?
  • Vidisha Priyanka said we learn from each other, sharing each other’s experience. It’s a way of taking stock among us. Jeff said: There’s going to be a bit of time when you’ll feel stupid, and you have to get over that. Zella Bracy and Tom Huang’s metaphor about the fence between editorial and business side was helpful.
  • Three years ago I graduated from journalism school… Thanks to all the faculty for telling journalists to get out of their comfort zone. Technology is not an evil, it’s there to help you.
  • As students, we’ve learned so much. We’ve seen what mistakes were made in the newsroom. Howard Finberg: We are poorer for not listening to multiple voices.

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