Final Reflections from Kochi Workshop

Reflections from the final day of our Kochi workshop, captured by Tom Huang.  I found it very moving as the journalists, educators and students share some final thoughts and takeaways:

  • I’ve gotten an enthusiasm for learning new things, understanding the changes in journalism. I’m too happy in my comfort zone — I need to inspire myself.
  • From here, I will start my journey to the digital world. I know that if I’m not prepared, I will be “sacked” out.
  • For us, we are on the cusp of moving into the digital age. We go back to our newsroom understanding new digital tools. We know that it will be important for journalism and business to co-exist. And we know it’s important to find focus. Three cheers to the entire team.
  • I feel refreshed, rejuvenated. We all get into a rut. After this course, I feel more confident and very grateful to the team.
  • We learned about the importance of constantly changing headlines and updating content on the website. I’m going to take advice from Casey Frechette about learning new technologies. From Zella Bracy, I learned that I need to make more money for my organization.
  • We got a better understanding of technology. I also take reporting classes on structuring news stories. Tom Huang’s presentation on storytelling stood out – I was fascinated by how you could take the entire class to the Titanic and to their favorite dessert to understand stories.
  • I’m from a generation that started with digital – many others started with print and migrated to digital. For me, it was swimming against the tide. There are no boundaries for the media, and this session showed us how we can create stories thoughtfully and imaginatively.
  • Normally, workshops are long, boring PowerPoint presentations. All of the sessions were enriching and valuable — it was complete knowledge-sharing. One takeaway was to be open to change, and be open to learning, and use your resources wisely.
  • I take back a new confidence that I’m a journalist. I take back the joy of having been in a room with so many wonderful people – faculty, educators and journalists.
  • What you could not see 10 or 15 years ago in the U.S., you’ve shown us. You’ve been prophets for us. Act now. The worst thing I can do is do nothing.
  • What I’ve learned is I’ve been in a room with people who are older than me. We younger journalists need you veterans just as much as you need us. We’re at a point where the older and younger generations will need to learn from each other.
  • It’s surprising to know how similar we are. We think and feel the same way. The best thing of this workshop was to share and have interaction. Another thing I learned was that it’s important to be fearless.
  • This is a unique platform you’ve created here. You’ve brought people from academy and industry. We have seminars all the time – academics brood over issues, yet we don’t have a clear picture of the industry’s perspective. We assume certain things. I was never afraid of the technology, but what the workshop has done is give me a new perspective on what can be done.
  • Howard Finberg said: I heard about passion, about sharing, about being rejuvenated. That is the Poynter experience.

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