Project FAQ

This is the area where we will answer questions from potential participants and those who will be attending the workshops in southern India in March 2014.  What do you want to know? Leave a comment.

Here are some of the questions we’ve received via email:

Who is invited?

These workshops are aimed at journalists, especially line-editors, management, senior editors, business department leaders, especially in advertising, and educators.  Poynter will also allow selected other individuals to attend.  All participants must apply via our application form.  See below.

How much will the workshops cost?

The workshops are free for participants who are accepted. We will provide lunch and snacks during the day.

How do I apply?

Use our application form at this URL:

Where will the workshops be held

* Chennai, Tamil Nadu: March 19, 20, 21 (At Taj Club House)
* Kochi, Kerala: March 23, 24, 25 (At Gateway, Taj)
* Bangalore, Karnataka: March 27, 28, 29 (At Vivanta by Taj)

You are responsible for all travel expenses.

Please make your own arrangements for travel. If you decide to stay at the hotel where the workshop is being held, you can tell them that you are there for the Poynter workshop while you are booking your room.


9 thoughts on “Project FAQ

  1. Hi,

    Am interested to attend the Chennai workshop. Need some information before I apply -

    1. Apart from travel cost what other costs does an applicant need to bear? That is to say, are you providing for accommodation and food?

    2. If yes, where the accommodation will be provided and for how long? If no, then do you have any suggestion for a safe accommodation near around the venue?

    3. Will I get a certificate?

    I shall be coming from Kolkata at the time of workshop and I work in Delhi. So just out of curiosity, is there any chance to organize such workshop in north India in near future?

    Thanks for providing this opportunity.

    Twitter: Surhita

  2. Dear Poynter,

    I’m working with 24X7 Marathi News channel in Maharashtra (India). I’m very much interested in this workshop. But, the problem is we have general elections this year in India. The schedule will be announced in March. Hence, most of the senior journalists (especially North Indian) like me may not be able to attend this workshop. This is common feeling among many of my journalist friends.

    Considering this will you give a thought to arrange the same again in the month of June or so? Beside this, plz. consider Mumbai for organizing such workshop.

    I wish all the best to your proposed workshops!

    Thank You!

    Prasanna Joshi

  3. I have been chosen to attend and have confirmed my participation at Bangalore. I would like to have the programme for the three days as I cant seem to find it on the site. I would like to know what time the programme ends begins on 27 and the end time on 29 so that I can make my travel arrangements back and forth. Thank you.

  4. I have been selected for Poynter Journalism Training Workshop. I am not sure about my opted location, please let me know.

    Details- Anoop Kumar, Research Scholar, Dept. of Electronic Media and Mass Communication, Pondicherry University.

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