Digital Transformation Reflections, Day 2 in Bangalore

We organized a session of reflection on Day 2 of the Bangalore workshop. We had just gone through some sobering sessions – the economics of news and how to lead our newsrooms through the digital transformation. We asked our colleagues: What are you thinking of in terms of the future and digital journalism?  Here are superscribe Tom Huang’s notes:

  • From a teacher’s perspective: You take off where the text books leave us. You give us the reality. I’m sincerely thankful for that.
  • How long will journalists have to run only on passion?
  • A question from a journalism student: Why can’t we include these lessons in our syllabus? The last 10 years we’ve had the same syllabus. Social media is rarely included. Journalism education is so important – what if we learned the modern craft in school?
  • At our college, and Poynter India partner (Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media), it’s all hands-on. We have a boot camp for one month when we’re asked to start working on social media, as well as multimedia.
  • Never let school interfere with your education, as Mark Twain said.
  • Howard Finberg: It’s about continuous learning. Today’s journalism job is about learning. The disruption in the media industry – you will see that disruption in journalism education.
  • I write for a B2B publication. My audience is tech-savvy and get their news from other outlets. I can’t beat the speed of other news orgs. So where do I stand? Howard Finberg: As a journo, bring your perspective and context behind the news. How does it fit into the bigger picture?
  • For writers, many of us are adding perspective and some analysis – it’s a wider phenomenon.
  • Sue Burzynski Bullard responded to a question about changes in journalism schools and newsrooms: Only 37 percent of top managers are female; 60 percent of journalism students are female; so you can see a coming gender shift in U.S. newsrooms.
  • In the era of user-generated content, how relevant am I as a journalist? Howard Finberg: You’re now more relevant than ever – you bring professionalism, credibility, expertise, the ability to do journalism as a craft. I would be optimistic.

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