Amazing Travel to Poynter India Workshop

bangalore participants from delhi 03282014
Participants who traveled from Delhi, more than 1,000 miles, to attend the Bangalore workshop.

At the start of day 2 of the Poynter India Workshops in Bangalore I asked participants to tell us how far they traveled to attend the workshop.  And by what means.

The winners of this “competition” were three participants who traveled by plane and car from Delhi, a distance of about 1,075 miles.

One participant travel from Bombay by bus, a distance of more than 550 miles.  It took 20 hours.  Another is from Goa, more than 300 miles.  We even had a participant from another country, Sri Lanka.  That participant traveled more than 450 miles.

It’s a tribute to Poynter’s credibility and brand.

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